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Please note applications for this cohort have now closed as they have reached their capacity.

Everyone can have a business idea, but the entrepreneurs who truly succeed know how to play the game of business! 

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a great business concept? Or maybe you’re looking to scale an existing idea? Then you could be perfect for our Business Bootcamp (for start-up founder) or our 6-week Business Mastermind & Peer to Peer Community (for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs). 

If you are:

  1. Interested in starting a business, but don’t have the tools to get started
  2. Eager to scale a business idea you already have, but unsure of what steps to take
  3. Overwhelmed with the complications of registering and launching a business
  4. Unsure if your idea is any ‘good’ and want to validate it
  5. Looking for a community of like minded entrepreneurs

Then we want to hear from you! 

Both our Business Bootcamp and our 6-week Business Mastermind is designed specifically for idea stage, pre-start and new entrepreneurs going through those exact challenges. 

1-day Business Bootcamp 

“Think of business as a good game. Lots of competition and a minimum of rules, and you keep score with money!” – Bill Gates. 

Business is a game, and the best entrepreneurs know the rules before they start to play! In our 1-day Business Bootcamp we help pre-start and curious founders feel better equipped to go on their start-up journey. Participants will be guided through a series of workshop sessions to help them learn key language and feel more confident approaching the start-up world and building a business. 

If you’re a pre-start entrepreneur (you haven’t yet launched your business) or you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, we designed this program just for you! 

Bootcamp Program Itinerary

  • Introduction: “The Start-Up Game”:  An icebreaker simulation game to start the day.
  • Session 1: The Entrepreneur mindset: A workshop exploring the entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Session 2: Building a Minimal Viable Product: A session on how to build an early version of your product and test it with customers.
  • Session 3: Business Models: Exploration of different business, revenue models and the quest for traction.
  • Session 4: Funding: An exploration of the different funding types, how to access them and when you’ll need them.
  • Session 5: Scaling: Achieving Product Market Fit and how to scale your business once you reach it.
  • Session 6: Founder Stories: A panel of 3-4 founders discussing their journeys, mistakes, learnings, and tips.

By the end of this Bootcamp, we expect you to have: a deep understanding of business set up and how to validate your idea. A suite of tools, resources, tips, and tricks you can take with you on your business journey. An understanding of the business fundamentals and how to apply this to your business idea. And most importantly, a new network of likeminded entrepreneurs, facilitators, and mentors you can continue to connect with and an 8-hour session that will leave you buzzing to develop your business!

6-Week Mastermind & Peer to Peer Community 

Getting started is all great, but how do you keep your business going (and growing)?! Our 6-week online mastermind and peer to peer community group helps early-stage founders learn key entrepreneurial skills to help them feel more confident about combating their challenges, and work through the highs and the lows of start-up life. 

If you’ve started a business and are in the early stages, or you have an existing business idea – then this 6-week mastermind will be right up your street. 

Mastermind Program Schedule

  • Week 1: The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Who am I? Exploring the entrepreneurial mindset, challenges, and tools to be a confident, resilient leader.
  • Week 2: Product Development 101 – deep dive into products and an introduction to the tools and services to support entrepreneurs with various product related challenges.
  • Week 3. Sales & Marketing 101 – developing and driving traffic to a landing page.
  • Week 4: Funding and Finance 101: start-up economics, the basics of crowdfunding, equity, debt and grants.
  • Week 5: Scaling Broccoli – (boring but important!) – the basics of HR, legal, cashflow, budgeting.
  • Week 6: Scaling Leader – Confidence, resilience, leadership and change management.

After our 6-week mastermind and peer to peer community, you will have: the knowledge on how to scale your early-stage business effectively, a robust product strategy, an understanding on the finance options available to scale your business offering and concrete knowledge on the basics of HR and legal for your business (otherwise known as the boring bits!). Plus, you’ll gain access to our peer to peer online community, mindset coaching and mentorship from our world-class business mindset coaches. 

Which program is right for me?

We’ve designed our two programs for two types of founders in mind. 

Pre-starts – New and aspiring entrepreneurs who either have a business idea, or are just wanting to get into business. You want to start something, you have all the potential, but maybe you haven’t had the tools (or the support) to do so. 

If this is you, we’d recommend our 1-day Business Bootcamp for Pre-start Founders. 

Early stage businesses – You’ve got a business idea, or you’ve launched your business. Maybe you already have a website, a product idea (or maybe even a sale or two!). But you’re looking for more (did someone say, world domination?) 

If you’re an early-stage founder looking to take your business to the next level then we’d recommend our 6-week Mastermind and Peer to Peer Community for Early Stage Businesses. 

We are committed to serving underrepresented founders in London’s start-up and tech ecosystem. We are especially looking for participants in our program who are:

  •   Identifying as female
  •   LGBTQ+
  •   Have a registered disability
  •   Have immigrated to the UK
  •   Are from a black African, black Carribean, mixed ethnic or Asian background 

Please note applications for this cohort have now closed as they have reached their capacity.

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