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Please note applications for this cohort have now closed as they have reached their capacity. We encourage you to register with another partner.

Are you thinking about starting your own business or are you in the early stages of running your business and in need of some support? If the answer is yes, this six-week programme is for you!

Hustle & Heels, on behalf of the London Business Hub, is delivering an innovative business support programme, designed to equip you with the tools and resources you need to:

  1. Identify Opportunities
  2. Develop your ideas
  3. Build a profitable business

This programme of support will help you to decide whether to pivot or continue with your idea or business, in the changing business landscape with the support and guidance of a trained and experienced business growth expert. 

We know just how passionate you are, but we also recognise the feelings of isolation, overwhelm and the noise of day-to-day life that often prevents busy people from taking their ideas and businesses to the next level. This programme of support has been designed to disrupt all of that noise and help you get to where you need to be. 

What you can expect from the programme

  • group workshops
  • one-to-one support
  • business webinars
  • an accountability partner 
  • a pitching opportunity
  • access to a new business support group

To support pre-starts and new businesses to start, grow and improve, Hustle & Heels has devised this innovative business support programme to challenge people in a supportive environment through group workshops, one-to-one support, webinars, an accountability partner system and a pitching opportunity. This will be underpinned by our years of experience working with thousands of businesses and several organisations across  London. 

This business support programme will match you with an accountability partner to give you the unique opportunity to inject diversity of thought and experience into your business planning. Your accountability partner will be equipped with all they need to encourage you to take continual action and you will also be trained on how to support a fellow business leader.

Who this programme is for


If you have a viable business idea, but seek guidance and professional support to upskill this programme is for you. 

Perhaps you have a passion or a side hustle and have decided now is the time to start charging your worth: if so, then this programme is for you. 

Or maybe you know exactly what you want to do but you don’t know the steps to get you there. If that is you, this is the programme you need to support your development. 

New businesses

This programme is also for those that are new in business, that have been operating for less than 18 months and are in need of support from a trained business advisor and a group of likeminded business leaders. 

We particularly want to provide business support to:

  • disabled people with a business idea or a business
  • anyone that identifies as female; and 
  • people that are from a black Caribbean background, a black African background, a mixed ethnic background or an Asian background. 

What you will leave with

  • 2 hours of one-to-one support with a business advisor 
  • Solutions to your biggest challenges 
  • Profitable business ideas and strategies 
  • Pitching experience 
  • Presentation deck

Indicative session dates and session topics are set out below. (Please note public holidays. These dates are subject to change and session topics are fluid, based on participant requirements.)

Offline delivery of sessions may be held in Stratford, East London.

Session Dates

3 hours group session:

  • Identifying profitable opportunities
  • Business models
  • Finance and business planning

Accountability Partner check-in


2 hour one-to-one:

  • Target market research
  • Viability testing
  • Product/ service development

Accountability Partner checkin-in


3 hour group session:

  • Marketing channels
  • Sales channels
  • Legal considerations

Accountability Partner check-in


3 hour workshop:

  • Systems and processes
  • Scalability check/ pivot or continue
  • Building a winning team

Accountability Partner check-in


3 hour workshop:

  • Presentation decks
  • Pitching
  • Startup mindset matters

Accountability Partner check-in


3 hour pitch presentations

Accountability check-in

Please note applications for this cohort have now closed as they have reached their capacity. We encourage you to register with another partner.


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