TrustLaw: Legal Assistance for Social Enterprises

TrustLaw is the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global pro bono marketplace.

It is a free service which connects lawyers in more than 190 countries with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and social enterprises that require pro bono legal assistance.

TrustLaw is a rapidly growing community of more than 4,000 members, including over 850 law firms and in-house legal teams who bring the expertise of around 120,000 lawyers from around the world to over 5,500 NGOs and social enterprises.

TrustLaw’s mission is to connect people and increase access to pro bono advice. Through pro bono, TrustLaw aims to improve the operational efficiency of NGOs and give them access to the power of the law which can be used to tackle social problems at a fundamental level.

TrustLaw also runs training and events for social enterprises, as well as providing online tools and resources to help organisations address their legal needs.

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