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The UK’s public sector provides vast commercial opportunities for London’s businesses. We want to help small, diverse businesses succeed when it comes to public sector procurement and winning new contracts via London’s Anchor Institutions Network.

Going through the public sector procurement process can often be a daunting prospect for small businesses, especially if its brand new to you or you’ve been unsuccessful in the past. The London Business Hub however is here to give you some useful tips and resources, plus identify some upcoming opportunities.

Why work with the public sector?

There are many advantages to working with the public sector. You can expect prompt and reliable payment for example, alongside a transparent procurement process. The sector is also keen to work with micro, small and diverse businesses. Your business will most likely be recommended to other public bodies on delivering a good standard of work.

What are reserved contracts for small and diverse businesses?

Some of London’s most powerful organisations have embarked on a mission-led approach, working collaboratively and leveraging their status as Anchor Institutions to support the capital’s recovery from the pandemic. One of the ways London is trying to drive local economic development is by pooling together resources and engaging with small and diverse businesses through procurement.

As part of the Anchor Institutions’ programme of work, a number of public bodies including the GLA, TfL, and Met Police have reserved contracts specifically for London-based businesses and organisations (see our Resources section below).

How can my business benefit from this?

To coincide with the Anchor Institutions’ procurement work, the London Business Hub has launched a new programme to help you bid for these contracts, offering one-to-one support. We’ll steer you in the right direction when it comes to understanding key public sector buyers and what they look for when tendering.

You can see a list of our live contracts below with various organisations, so please check to see if these are suitable. Please note new contracts will be added so do come and check back regularly. If you would like to register for our support programme, you’ll need to meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria

  • Have 50 or less employees (this figure includes yourself).
  • Have an annual turnover under £44 million.
  • Be based or trading in London

Register your interest

Webinar | Accessing Public Sector Contracts

This webinar seeks to support London-based micro, small businesses, VSCEs and SMEs to access the range of contracts available from members of the LAIN network, including the NHS, Greater London Authority, London Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Police Service and Transport for London.

You can view the presentation slides from the webinar here, as well as download a post-event information sheet.


Live contracts

  • OPDC Harlesden Canal Side – Wayfinder commission

Reserved contracts

Future contracts under consideration for Reserved status:

  • HR consultancy (Lead organisation: Greater London Authority)
  • Market research – data and diversity (Lead organisation: Greater London Authority)
  • Culture – designer and fabricion (Lead organisation: OPDC)
  • Pest control (Lead organisation: Transport for London)
  • East Route Surveys (Lead organisation: Transport for London)
  • East Route Remediation (Lead organisation: Transport for London)
  • Bank Station Tunnel Cross-Passage Doors (Lead organisation: Transport for London)
  • Media and Communications support (Lead organisation: Greater London Authority)
  • Policy and Programme support (Lead organisation: Greater London Authority)
  • Visitor research services (Lead organisation: LLDC)
  • Security (Lead organisation: Metropolitan Police Service)
  • Picture Framing (Lead organisation: Metropolitan Police Service)

Other resources

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