RBS Social & Community Capital

Social & Community Capital from the Royal Bank of Scotland was set up to support social enterprises and community businesses that don’t qualify for mainstream loans from banks.

Loans of between £30,000 and £750,000 are available, and applicants can benefit from flexible payment terms and repayment holidays.

The top three impact areas supported through the fund are:

  1. Employment, education and training for those furthest from the marketplace.
  2. Delivery of services to the most disadvantaged people/communities.
  3. Community regeneration.


To apply for a loan, your organisation must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You’re an established third sector organisation located and trading in the UK.
  • You have social or environmental aims, and reinvest profits to deliver a positive impact.
  • Your organisation is financially sustainable.
  • You’re investment-ready with regard to management, governance and financial position.
  • You can demonstrate a sustainable business model and capacity to service the borrowing.
  • You’re not eligible for mainstream funding from banks.
  • You’re not at risk of insolvency or insolvent.

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