Peer Networks

Bringing businesses together, moving forward.

We believe that your experience is invaluable. That’s why we created Peer Networks – a place for business owners to come together, to share the things they’ve learned and to help each other make positive, lasting change.

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How is the Peer Network delivered?

Facilitated by the London Business Hub, Peer Networks connect SME leaders from all walks of life with a growing national network of peers and fellow experts to better address the shared challenges facing business and business owners today. Working collaboratively, and with the benefit of our tools and expertise, we believe that business owners are best positioned to support one another as a community –offering essential advice and practical solutions.

Shared experience. Shared knowledge. Shared progress.

How does it work for you and your business?

Based on expert-facilitated sessions of small, dedicated and carefully-matched groups, the Peer Network provides a non-competitive forum for essential discussion and support between business leaders. With one-to-one mentoring available when you need it most and a flexible agenda tailored to meet business leaders’ specific needs, the Peer Network programme works toward concrete results that make a real impact on your business moving forward.

Could you benefit from the Peer Network?

The Peer Network programme facilitates the growth and improvements that your business is working towards. In turn, we also believe that your expertise could bring something vital to the Peer Network community. To be eligible for the programme, your business must have:

  • 5 employees (post and/or pre-COVID)
  • £100,000 annual turnover (post and/or pre-COVID)
  • been trading for at least one year

How do I join the Peer Network community?

If you meet these criteria and feel like your business could benefit from the expert advice of people who have worked through the same challenges that you’re facing now, register below and join the Peer Network community today.

We are working with a range of partners to deliver the Peer Networks programme in London – from Local Authorities to Chambers of Commerce to business bodies – there is a partner to suit each of our cohort members.

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