Managing and Recruiting Staff

There are lots of resources available to help employers effectively manage and recruit staff and apprentices. Here are some we think you will find useful.

Recruitment support

Jobcentre Plus offers practical recruitment support and advice to employers that open up jobs to its jobseekers. Its Employer Services Line connects employers with local employer advisers who can help them to:

  • Design and word job vacancies.
  • Develop pre-employment training.
  • Recruit in new and fair ways.
  • Access general advice about recruitment.

Acas publishes a range of podcasts for employers. They cover topics such as changing a contract, equality, juggling caring and work, and returning to work. Listen to the podcasts here.  Acas also publishes flow charts to guide employers through complex issues, such as returning to work and redundancies.

Work Trials

Work trials give employers the opportunity to try out a potential jobseeker on benefits before offering them a job. Once agreed with Jobcentre Plus, employers can offer a work trial if the job is for 16 hours or more a week and lasts for at least 13 weeks. The work trial can last up to 30 days for jobs lasting six months or more, or up to five days if the job is for less than six months.


Taking on an apprentice can benefit a business in lots of ways, such as by increasing productivity, lowering recruitment costs and addressing skills. The Education and Skills Funding Agency provides information, advice and guidance for employers considering taking on an apprentice.

It also provides the Employer Hub, which is a free service to help employers decide if an apprenticeship is right for their business. It also explains how to find and recruit apprentices.

Taking on an employee

It’s essential that employers understand their obligations when taking on an employee. HM Revenue & Customs has published a number of checklists and resources to help businesses get ready for employing someone. They cover topics such as employment law, advertising for staff, insurance requirements and paying wages.


Team London is the Mayor’s volunteering programme. It provides advice and information to encourage businesses to support their staff to give back.

Leadership skills

In this video, successful business leaders talk about the skills that help build a business. It covers topics such as successful leadership and managing a team of employees.

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