.LONDON | The Official Domain for London

.LONDON is the official domain name, or web address, for London. It enables London-based businesses to demonstrate their connection to the city, establish credibility and build trust with customers.

What is a .LONDON domain name?

.LONDON is a premium top-level domain (TLD) or domain extension – the part of your web address that follows your domain name. 

A .LONDON domain name lets customers know you’re a local business and communicates that the city is an important part of your brand identity. It’s also a great way to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. For instance, there are currently around 111,304 registered .LONDON domain names, compared to more than 245 million .COMs and 21 million .UK names. 

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.LONDON is a trusted web address that can help your business grow and succeed. Benefits include: 

  • Improved security – the .LONDON domain portfolio has a good reputation for security, including preventing phishing, malware and scams. 
  • Higher ranking – a .LONDON name is great for local SEO, which helps your business to rank higher and be more visible in local search results on Google. In a busy market, this can be an effective way to gain a competitive advantage.
  • More availability – by opting for a .LONDON domain name, there’s a higher chance that you’ll be able to find one that closely matches your business name. This is because there are fewer .LONDON domain names registered. For example, while londonbusiness.COM might be taken, londonbusiness.LONDON is less likely to be. 
  • Build loyalty  – a .LONDON domain signals that you’re committed to London and its community, which builds trust and loyalty with potential customers. 
  • Success by association – a .LONDON domain associates your business with a diverse, creative and exciting city, as well as distinguishing you from competitors. 
  • No barrier to global success –  .LONDON is a gateway between the local and global, and many businesses with this domain operate internationally. 

How to register a .LONDON domain

To join the .LONDON community, check your preferred .LONDON domain name is available and register


.LONDON is operated by Dot London Domains Limited and was launched in 2014, with the endorsement of the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority.

Dot London Domains Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of London & Partners, a social enterprise with a mission to create economic growth that is resilient, sustainable and inclusive for London. All profits from .LONDON go back into its work for the benefit of London and Londoners.

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