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Employers have a duty of care to do all they reasonably can to support their employees’ health and wellbeing. Supporting health and wellbeing within your team also helps promote a positive and productive working environment, and can help attract and retain staff. London Business Hub has brought together practical resources and guides to help you navigate the support available for you and your employees.

Health & Wellbeing Toolkit

This London Business Hub toolkit is designed to help you navigate and identify the support available to manage health and wellbeing in your business.

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London Healthy Workplace Award

The London Healthy Workplace Award is a free accreditation scheme led by the Mayor of London’s Office and supported by Public Health England. It recognises employers who invest in their employee’s health and wellbeing.

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					London Healthy Workplace Award

Resources and support

The Mayor of London has published a series of guides to help support the wellbeing of businesses and employees across the capital: 

The London Healthy Workplace Award (LHWA) is a free accreditation scheme led by the Mayor of London’s Office and supported by Public Health England.

The LHWA provides: 

  • A blueprint for designing your employee wellbeing strategy.
  • Strategies to enhance employee health and improve staff retention, engagement and productivity.
  • Fully funded support from a local expert in workplace health and wellbeing.

Organisations that achieve the award gain:

  • Recognition as a top employer in London. 
  • Access to an exclusive network of leading employers.
  • Ongoing support from the GLA Health Team.

Case studies 

In the case studies below, businesses in London explain why they took part in the LHWA and the benefits they’ve experienced: 

Business support organisations across the UK have published a wide range of resources to help support employee health and wellbeing, including: 

  • Acas provides advice and guidance on supporting mental health at work. 
  • The Wellbeing Hub from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) provides resources to help with workplace wellness. 
  • CIPD provides resources to help employers capitalise on the benefits of an effective wellbeing programme. 
  • Bupa’s Health and Wellbeing Hub includes a series of webinars on topics such as mindfulness, managing stress and finding a work-life balance. 
  • The Health and Safety Executive provides advice and support on managing work-related stress. 
  • The Mental Health Foundation has published a guide on supporting mental health at work. 
  • Mind has a library of resources on workplace health and wellbeing covering topics such as stress, returning to work, managing anxiety and mental health support.

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