Cybersecurity and Staying Digitally-Aware

London Business Hub is providing advice and information to help businesses and the self-employed work safely during COVID-19. This week, we provide advice and tips on staying digitally-aware and secure.

The following resources are designed to help your business stay safe online:

  • How to turn on your firewall
    This leaflet from the Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) explains how to turn on your firewall.
  • How the PDSC can help 
    The Police Digital Security Centre has developed the online Cyber Security Self-Certification assessment tool to help test the resilience of your business to common types of cyber crime.
  • Money mules
    The Metropolitan Police has published a video guide to not being a money mule.
  • Asset management 
    This PDSC guide provides an overview of the benefits of asset management, so that your business always knows what equipment it owns.
  • Admin accounts 
    This blog from the PDSC explores why it is important to have a separate admin account.
  • Avoiding phishing scams 
    In this blog, TSB explains how to identify and prevent phishing scams.
  • Internet of Things security 
    This guide from the PDSC provides advice on how to secure Internet of Things devices.
  • Avoid telephone scams 
    Richmond Police has published a video about how to spot bogus police phone scams.

Browse our library of support for more tips and advice to help you work safely during COVID-19. We cover a range of topics to help you identify and prevent common online threats.


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