Cybersecurity and Preventing Phishing Attacks

London Business Hub is providing advice and information to help businesses and the self-employed work safely during COVID-19. This week, we provide advice and tips on preventing spear phishing attacks.

Spear phishing

Spear phishing attacks involve email or electronic communication scams that target specific businesses or individuals. They often attempt to steal data for malicious purposes or to install malware.

The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) has published an article with advice on how to spot spear phishing emails and prevent attacks. Prevention methods covered in the article include:

  • Implementing anti-spoofing controls.
  • Adding a filter/block system to stop emails.
  • Keeping software up to date.
  • Protecting accounts with two-factor authentication.

Links and attachments

This video from the Metropolitan Police Service provides advice on spotting emails and messages that include malicious attachments and links.

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