Cybersecurity and Preventing Phishing Attacks

London Business Hub is providing cybersecurity advice and information to help businesses and the self-employed work safely. Here, we provide advice and tips on preventing phishing attacks.

Phishing emails

Phishing emails are one of the most common cyberattacks businesses face. They try to trick you or your employees into ‘doing the wrong thing’, such as clicking a dodgy link, sharing sensitive information or downloading malware.

The National Cyber Security Centre has published an article with advice on how to spot spear phishing emails and prevent attacks. Prevention methods include:

  • Implementing anti-spoofing controls.
  • Adding a filter/block system to stop emails.
  • Keeping software up to date.
  • Protecting accounts with two-factor authentication.
  • Checking for spelling and grammatical errors. 
  • Clicking the sender’s email address to confirm it isn’t being spoofed. 
  • Hovering over any links to check the true website you will be taken to. 
  • Scanning attachments to check for viruses. 

Links and attachments

This video from the Metropolitan Police Service provides advice on spotting emails and messages that include malicious attachments and links.

Smishing attacks

Smishing is a type of phishing attack where cybercriminals try to trick you into sharing your private information via a text or SMS message.  Smishing attacks encourage you to respond to the message or click on a link in order to gain information, steal funds or infect your device with malware. 

The Metropolitan Police Service has published a short video with hints and tips on spotting smishing attacks. 

Vishing scams

Vishing is a phone scam designed to get you to share personal or sensitive information, such as financial details and passwords. Vishing scams involve making telephone calls or leaving voicemail messages that pretend to be from reputable organisations.  The Metropolitan Police Service has published a video with advice and tips on how to spot vishing scams. 

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