Business Help Series

Business Help Series is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and supported by Mayor of London.

Introducing London Business Hub webinars to support businesses during COVID-19.

We are excited to announce the launch of ‘Business Help Series’, bringing you highly informative FREE webinars delivered by expert speakers and carefully designed to guide London’s small businesses across various problem areas, as they navigate the challenges of COVID-19.

Please check our eligibility criteria before registering.

For more information about our upcoming post-EU transition webinar, please click here.

Upcoming events

Drive Business Success Through Brand Innovation

Find out how to develop your brand strategy in the marketplace to build trust and gain a loyal customer base.

You will leave the workshop knowing:

  • What a brand is and how to define it.
  • How to create a strong brand identity in a competitive marketplace.
  • How to create a branding strategy and framework.
  • How to assess and adapt this strategy as your business grows.
  • How to segment your customers and map out a customer experience strategy.
  • The importance of and how to build brand values.
  • How to evaluate, optimise and maximise communications channels as your needs change.

Date: Thursday 12 August 2021

Time: 10:00am – 4:30pm


Website Optimisation for Business Growth

Discover how to optimise your website to build digital presence, attract more customers and boost online sales.

You will leave this workshop knowing:

  • How to structure and design your website to attract more visitors.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) and how it benefits your business.
  • How to rank more highly on search engines.
  • Best practice for web hosting, web domains and localising your website.
  • How to assess and develop your company’s digital maturity.
  • How to produce compelling content that is effective and understood by customers.
  • Why you should use Google Analytics and how to set it up.
  • Key metrics, website reporting and how to track campaigns.


  • Day one: Thursday 2 September 2021
  • Day two: Thursday 9 September 2021

Time: 10:00am – 4:30pm


Navigating HR & Employment Law

Hear expert guidance and advice to help you understand your obligations as an employer and adhere to critical legal requirements and government guidelines.

You will leave the workshop knowing:

  • Updates on the Furlough Scheme and what comes next.
  • Insight into redundancies: an overview of the legislations, legal implications and how the process works.
  • What makes an agreement a “contract” and the most popular types of contracts used in business.
  • Typical boilerplate language, terms to look out for and the important provisions to include.
  • How and when to use non-compete and non-disclosure clauses and how to enforce them.
  • Primary areas of employment law, small business obligations, and legal requirements.
  • Find out about the resources and support available to help.

Date: Tuesday 14 September 2021

Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm


Using Content Marketing & Digital Storytelling to Generate Sales

Discover how to get your business noticed through compelling content and the power of digital storytelling.

You will leave this working knowing:

  • What content marketing is and how it can positively impact your business.
  • How to build a content marketing strategy.
  • How to develop great and engaging content.
  • What effective storytelling is and why it’s a powerful tool for attracting audiences.
  • The art of storytelling, structures and best practice.
  • The best platforms for sharing content to your audience.
  • Advice from our expert speaker to address your pain points during live Q&A.

Date: Thursday 23 September 2021

Time: 10:00am – 4:30pm


Negotiate and Influence with Confidence: Boost Your Bargaining Power

If you haggle with price, timescales, sales leads or investments and come away feeling you could have handled the situation better, this event will help you develop a confident mindset and skillset to navigate the conversation – when it really counts.

You will leave this workshop knowing:

  • Tactics and proven negotiation strategies.
  • How to create leverage and claim value in a negotiation.
  • How to identify potential biases and other factors that can affect the negotiation process.
  • How to plan effectively for improved results.
  • How to influence the negotiation to improve the outcome.
  • When not to negotiate.

Date: Thursday 30 September 2021

Time: 10:00am – 4:30pm


Is your business eligible?

This London Business Hub webinar is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund’s (ERDF) Hub & Spoke Project, as a result, a range of data points must be collected to assess your company’s eligibility for the event.

Companies must:

  • Be based in London.
  • Be registered in the UK.
  • Meets the SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) criteria according to the European SME definition.
  • Is not “Undertaking in Difficulty” as of 31 December 2019. Please see the definition here (see question 17).
  • Has not received more than €200,00 in public funds over the last 3 fiscal years.

The London Business Hub business support programme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Case studies

We at the London Business Hub understand the practical and personal challenges that come with owning and running a small business. Hear what Susan Nguyen, The Nail Group Managing Director, has to say about the impact our support has had on her business through the COVID-19 crisis.

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