Business Climate Guidance

Climate Action Frameworks

We want to help your business act on climate change. The advice here can help you reduce the emissions linked to your operations, supply chain and the wider community. It can also support you to build the business case, choose actions, roll out and then monitor the results and share success stories.

We’ve created sector-based frameworks to help you on this journey. These offer simple step-by-step guidance. Don’t expect to do everything at once. Instead, you should prioritise actions and revisit the framework as you go along.

Many London businesses are already taking action on climate change and are seeing the benefits and opportunities it can bring, both to their business and to London’s wider green recovery from the impacts of the pandemic. You can find out in our case studies what they’re doing, what their drivers are, what challenges they faced and the benefits to their business from action.

Business Climate Guidance

Why act?

The Mayor is working to make London a zero-emission city by 2030. That means energy efficient buildings, clean transport and green energy. Today, London’s commercial and industrial buildings make up 32% of London’s direct carbon footprint – around 10 million tonnes of greenhouse gases. If we are to keep global heating to below 1.5C, in line with the Paris Agreement, we must act now. By working together, we can meet London’s climate goals.

Tackling climate change is good for your business too. It can help you attract and retain staff; well-maintained buildings improve productivity and boost efficiency; and reducing emissions by cutting energy consumption can save you money.

Taking action on the climate can improve the public’s view of your business and boost your brand value.  Businesses like yours can also help encourage climate positive behaviour change. For example, by influencing your customers’ behaviour and the businesses in your supply chains, your actions can support ambition beyond your work.

To find out more about how the Mayor is supporting businesses and London to reduce emissions:

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The framework covers six key sectors in London. If your sector isn’t there, please choose the one closest to your work environment and activities.

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