Business Climate Guidance Case Study: Informa

Going carbon neutral in 2020 at the information services and events group, Informa

How Informa achieved carbon neutrality across its global operations by switching to renewable energy, offsetting and developing a framework for low-carbon operations.

					Installation at exhibition event showing key principles of Informa's plans for improving sustainability.

Informa has had science-based emissions reductions targets in place since 2018. It reached the goal of becoming an accredited carbon-neutral business at the start of 2020, across all 100+  Informa offices from Egypt to Australia. To date, the biggest contributor to this achievement has been the switch to renewables – with 96% of Informa’s offices now using clean energy. The final 4% of emissions are addressed through carbon offsetting initiatives covering countries in which renewable energy options are unfortunately unavailable.

In addition, for its events-focused businesses, Informa developed a framework of 12 Fundamentals for all customer and commercial events to meet. This includes transferring all lighting to LED and ensuring everything built for events is reused rather than disposed of. Achieving this means working and collaborating with all of the different groups involved in bringing an event to life, including suppliers and exhibitors. This has especially been the case with Informa’s Better Stands initiative, which is aiming to help all exhibitors in EMEA move to use non-disposable stands.

Baseline data has been key to enabling positive climate actions in this area. Events are scored based on what they have achieved and data on energy and waste is captured. This gives a clear picture of where improvements can be made. It is now part of Informa culture, with scores recorded internally, encouraging friendly competition amongst event teams.

Key drivers:

  • Customers: Informa regularly surveys its customers. The results show that taking initiative on sustainability and climate issues is an increasing customer expectation.
  • Investors: Being a publicly listed company, addressing investor expectations around sustainability is key to success.
  • Purpose: Informa’s colleagues value working for a company that has a clear purpose and commitment to advancing sustainability. Being a leader in this is important.


  • Operations: As an international business located in and operating in many different markets, it can be hard to create a globally standard approach to sustainability and climate impact initiatives.
  • Dissemination: Engaging all teams in a creative way and reaching areas of the business are critical factors to success but not quick to achieve. Key methods included developing consistent frameworks, tools and plans.


  • Colleague engagement: colleagues welcome the company’s work on sustainability and give positive feedback on its importance
  • Collaboration: Informa has worked with industry partners to share learnings, helping to create progress throughout the sector.

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