Is your business already up and running?

Do you have a clear vision for the future of your business?

Which best describes you?

Do you know who your target market is?

What is your top priority right now?

Not yet, but I have an idea

I'm almost ready to launch my business

I've been trading for less than 18 months

I've been trading for more than 18 months

Not yet

I'm working on it

I have a clear vision for the future

Yes, but we're a little bit off track

I want to develop my business idea

I want to boost my business skills

I'm ready to grow my business

Challenges are holding my business back

Not yet

I've researched my market

Yes, I'm already targeting them

Yes, but I'm struggling to reach them

To get started

To understand my duties as a new business owner

To target new customers and markets

To overcome barriers to success