Get the support you need to run a cultural or community space

Welcome to our Guide for Opening, Running and Growing a Cultural or Community Space

Covering legal, financial, and practical questions, we have developed this guide to help you turn your idea into reality. The guide has been commissioned by the Mayor of London’s Space for Culture team and developed by Counterculture LLP.

  • 2. Business Planning

  • Advice on how to set up and run your organisation

  • 3. Legal

  • The processes to go through and the protections you need before taking on a property

  • 4. Finance and Fundraising

  • Find out what the financial commitments of running a space are and get advice on fundraising

  • 5. Running a space

  • The key things to understand and look out for when looking for a space for your organisation

  • 6. Next steps

  • How to get in touch and a list of other useful resources to explore