Branding for Founders: How to Successfully Rebrand

Date: 03/11/2022
Time: 14:00
Location: Online event

Cost: Free
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Explore how to rebrand to boost revenue and profit margins.

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Branding for Founders: How to Successfully Rebrand

This online event from the Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre will provide advice and tips on how to rebrand.

Gain clarity on what makes a future-proof brand so you can:

  • Differentiate from competitors.
  • Stop wasting money on fruitless marketing activities.
  • Attract more profitable clients.
  • Raise your industry profile.
  • Increase your fees and stop competing on price.
  • Achieve long-term sustainable business growth.

This session is aimed at founders and company directors of independent businesses facing increased competition. It is delivered by François Reynier, founder and creative director of  branding consultancy Acacia.

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