Raghav Baliga

Raghav Baliga


Baliga Ayurveda is a complementary medical clinic in London. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healthcare system which deals with health and wellbeing. Ancient Indians had thoroughly observed and documented the various aspects of our physiology, pathology and the impact of our diet, lifestyle and environment on our health and wellbeing for over few thousands of years. Though the main focus is on prevention of any disease we also aim to use various natural substances and certain techniques to cure or treat various diseases. We at Baliga Ayurveda use this ancient system as a tool to offer diet and lifestyle advice, rejuvenation therapy, detoxification therapies, Ayurvedic / herbal remedies / treatments and massage therapies for management of various health related issues.


The business was originally based in Tower Hamlets and its founder Raghav, was encountering difficulties with the landlord. Raghav thought he had a lease, but it was in fact a short-term rolling contract to be renewed every 6 months. The landlord was taking the opportunity at each renewal to try and push through a rent increase which Raghav was resisting.

1:1 session outcome

Raghav was able to explain to his landlord the difference between a lease and licence. A licence provides permission to use a space on a short-term rolling contract and this is what he had.

He knew he had two options – either come to an amicable arrangement with the landlord or vacate the premise upon giving the appropriate notice.


The attitude of the landlord accelerated Raghav’s decision to relocate and find an an alternative venue.

The knowledge he gained from PAS meant he was able to:

  1. leave his existing premises in the right way – giving appropriate notice and also ensure the property was left in a good condition
  2. find alternative shop premises and negotiate for a five year lease, rent free period for refurbishment/change of use and rent fixed for three years thereafter 10% increase p.a.

Client’s recommendation/testimonial

“I would definitely recommend the Property Advice Service to other business owners.

It has been very supportive and effective, especially at a time when I was in a period of panic due to the pandemic and the behaviour of my landlord.

LBP arranged an appointment for me to meet with one of the expert advisers to talk through my case. The process was much smoother and quicker than I had imagined.

I now know the differences between a lease/licence and with this knowledge I was able to negotiate a better deal for my current premises.

In addition, I am going to challenge my current business rates assessment as I appear to be paying more compared to my next door neighbour who has more space than me. My confidence to do so has been a result of learning more about business rates through the Property Advice Service.”

Renting a property can be an expensive and complex part of running a business. That’s why the London Business Hub has launched the Property Advice Service to help businesses find the right space and fully understand the costs/issues associated with renting a property.

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