Munchy Play

Munchy Play

Sophia Procter created a blueprint for a brand new product and concept, inspired by her son’s mealtime meltdown one day – and Munchy Play was born. Munchy Play plates are designed to solve mealtime struggles that many parents face everyday by adding a bit of fun.

The innovative plates feature a built-in track for toy trains and cars to keep kids focused on their food. With 93% of parents, reporting that it has improved toddler mealtimes, Procter was onto a solution for parents and children alike.

The challenge

Munchy Play launched in the first lockdown last year. After months of planning the launch strategy, Sophia had to pivot overnight to adjust to the new world order. The business shifted focus and efforts on e-commerce for example as retail was no longer an option.

But the pandemic wasn’t the only challenge that loomed for the business. 2020 also saw the UK’s exit from the European Union and with that came additional hurdles for businesses, whether they operated in the EU or not.

When Sophia developed the idea for Munchy Play, she wanted it to be manufactured in the UK as a hallmark of quality and to support UK trade. While this meant the business had less challenges to deal with during the EU transition, it still was not immune.

The company had to review their packaging to ensure it was compliant with the new UKCA guidelines as well as incorporating this into their tooling.

London Business Hub – here to help

The team of mentors at Innovate UK put Sophia in touch with the London Business Hub and their team of Brexit experts when she had questions about navigating her business through the changes brought on by Britain’s exit from the EU. In less than 24 hours, she received a call back from knowledgeable expert who could help with her query and give her bespoke advice tailored to Munchy Play.

					Munchy Play toy with built-in track for toy trains and cars to keep kids focused on their food.

Procter took part in the EU Transition Adviser Programme to gain a better understanding about the changing marketplace and in particular to learn about future business opportunities to operate within the EU.

In the one-on-one meeting experience, the specialist Brexit adviser provided clarity around some of the changes and how these changes could impact Munchy Play directly and indirectly. Together, using the time to talk specifically about Procter’s business, the adviser was able to point her in the right direction.


The government website was actually very helpful, but there’s nothing quite like speaking to an expert for peace of mind, and that’s exactly what I got. The time was extremely useful and helped me understand what procedures and changes I need to be aware of – not just for now, but in the coming months ahead.


2021 is panning out to be an exciting year for Munchy Play. The company has developed a brand-new product that is set to launch in the UK this year. The advice Sophia received from the London Business Hub has allowed her to plan ahead for this product launch and combat any potential issues ahead of time, setting her and her business up for success.

London Business Hub’s EU Advisors are here to guide London’s businesses through this transition period and beyond.

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					Child eating from Munchy Play plate with in-built toy.

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