Honey Corn

Honey Corn

For around 2,700 years honey has been used as an antidote for a number of skin conditions. Some believe that depending on where the bees gather their nectar, honey is a veritable cure all. Honey Corn, founded by Ayesha Ibrahim, believes exactly this and relies on one of the world’s most vital species, the honeybee. The botanic, organic, natural skincare brand stands by their mantra “Cosmetics with Ethics” to produce pure skincare products that positively impact the world.   

Creating a natural skincare line is a core part of Honey Corn’s mission. Their Bee-a-Keeper campaign promotes sustainability and encourages UK residents to plant seeds that bees will love. They are also working towards establishing a network of beekeepers across the developing world. This helps farmers gain crop yields while providing financial stability.

Working with only two freelancers, Ayesha has her plate full as she mixes her passions with business and sustainability.

The challenge 

As a small business owner and a working mum, Ayesha is no stranger to a challenge. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a new sort of adversity for Honey Corn. Ayesha was used to working face-to-face at various trade shows, artisan markets and pop-up shops. Once the pandemic hit, the inability to network in-person was an obstacle for the business.

What Honey Corn needed was a strong digital presence. With help from the London Business Hub’s COVID-19 grant, Honey Corn was able to invest in digital expertise and build an online presence required in today’s day and age.

					Ayesha Ibrahim, Founder of Honey Corn.

London Business Hub – here to help 

Ayesha learned about the London Business Hub through her local business advice service. Shortly after applying online for a COVID-19 Recovery Grant, Ayesha got the good news that she was a recipient. With this grant, Honey Corn built an effective e-commerce platform for both UK and international sales.

The London Covid-19 Recovery Grant really helped me during the pandemic. I was able to take on a digital consultant and develop a new international compatible e-commerce website and digital strategy, enabling my business to compete on the world stage.
Ayesha Ibrahim, Honey Corn

The London Business Hub provided further guidance to Honey Corn. They directed the company towards potential financial avenues to fund international growth. With Honey Corn launching soon in Central Eastern Europe, the London Business Hub will undoubtedly support this international expansion and provide continued advice.


The rest of 2021 is looking bright for Honey Corn. Ayesha spent her time in lockdown creating an entire product range, which will launch this summer. Thanks to the COVID-19 Recovery Grant, Honey Corn’s new website and SEO strategy will cut through the online noise and help this product launch reach new levels of success.

Honey Corn won bronze at the European Skincare Award and took part in the UK Government’s Beautyworld trade mission to Dubai.

Head to the London Business Hub website to learn more about which programmes could help fund your small business.

And remember, save the bees!

					Collection of Honey Corn skincare products.

This London Business Hub project was supported by the Mayor of London and European Regional Development Fund.

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