ED TREE – The London Edtech entrepreneur disrupting the way we learn.

At 23, Nasim Khan, CEO and Co-founder of ED TREE is a rising startup entrepreneur and education enthusiast. Co-founding ED TREE with Yasmin Ali, their joint aim is to change the way students learn.

Living in a world where technology has revolutionised industries, the team felt the education system was still lagging behind. During university, the team spent two years dedicated to researching technologies and innovations before officially launching ED TREE.

Our aim is to change the way students learn and for them to enjoy their education while building a positive and empowered attitude to learning.
Nasim Khan, CEO and Co-founder of ED TREE

ED TREE offers a range of education services for students. Nasim explains, “we provide accessible and flexible online tutoring, a home learning platform for independent study. We create a story for each student through gamification so they can design and build their own character which levels up, the more a student learns.”

Coronavirus completely changed the landscape for ED TREE

Before the pandemic, Nasim had a private investor ready to invest in the ED TREE vision. Sadly, due to the outbreak and economic uncertainty, the deal fell through and the investor pulled out.

With limited resources and funding, Nasim and co-founder Yasmin, decided to push through, launch ED TREE and bootstrap their way up.

We weren’t going to let anything stop us, not even a pandemic. It motivated me to do more. The children stuck in this pandemic were missing out on their education. I told myself it is my responsibility to ensure these children still receive access to world-class education and that’s exactly what I did and I intend to continue.
Nasim Khan, CEO and Co-founder of ED TREE

London Business Hub support – Tripling turnover and team size during a pandemic

The pandemic “completely changed our thinking and forced my hands as an entrepreneur to quickly adapt. I found the London Business Hub and met Raj Tandon, who opened my eyes to a new perspective to my approach to business.”

Highly experienced Business Adviser, Raj Tandon, worked one-to-one with Nasim, supporting the young entrepreneur with setting business goals and objectives, developing his business’ strategy and offering advice on product marketing and branding.

Raj Tandon also set-up a peer network for Nasim with other businesses in the education sector, “This experience helped me expand my network and learn from other people’s success and failures as well as share my own success and failures.”

One major issue Nasim experienced as a young entrepreneur was getting overwhelmed with his workload. Raj Tandon introduced Nasim to Agata from HR-People First, who spoke to him about managing the stresses of his business and encouraged ED TREE to apply for the Government Kickstart scheme, “thanks to Raj and Agata, I have successfully submitted my application”.

Since using the support and resources from the London Business Hub, ED TREE has expanded their team from 3 to 9 employees, “The support received increased my motivation as a first-time entrepreneur. The advice was very useful, and I learnt a lot from my time, which improved my wellbeing and helped my business to grow.”

Since joining the sessions with the Business Adviser from the London Business Hub, I have tripled my business turnover.
Nasim Khan, CEO and Co-founder of ED TREE

The young entrepreneur hasn’t looked back since

Nasim’s continues pursuing his vision for ED TREE, to create an educational ecosystem that gives students access to the educational support and resources they need to grow and improve their lives.

They have now launched a new website – www.edtree.co.uk/what-we-do, helping their user base make more fantastic strides in their education. “We successfully survived and continue to thrive during this difficult time with COVID-19.”

“My next steps for ED TREE is to continue growing our user base but at the same time develop and introduce more ways to improve student learning. I also want to help students develop their social skills and career opportunities. I am working on a programme called “wiser steps” which will give students access to career guidance with real-life professionals.”

Nasim shares his advice for other London business owners

“If you are an entrepreneur, you need to continuously learn, adapt and improve. Starting or growing a business is not easy. This is why the support the London Business Hub provides is invaluable.

You get real-life support with a real expert. An opportunity to continue learning and seek advice personalised to your exact experience. The Advisers have tonnes of access to opportunities and provide guidance for your business to navigate through problems.”

Especially during this unprecedented time, entrepreneurs need access to support to start and grow their businesses. London Business Hub has not cost me a penny, in fact, it has improved my revenue. I am extremely grateful.”

London Business Hub offers free one-to-one support and advice from a team of expert advisers – to book an appointment, please click here.

London Business Hub is supported by the Mayor of London.

The London Business Hub Business Support programme is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund’s (ERDF’s) Hub & Spoke project.

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