Ari D Norman Ltd

Ari D Norman Ltd

Award-winning family-run jewellers adapting their business to the challenges of COVID-19

London based jewellery designer Ari D Norman specialises in designing and manufacturing original designs and collections with a difference.

Chairman and Managing Director, Ari Norman founded the company in 1974 after he spent many years fulfilling his passion for travelling and absorbing the culture and craftsmanship of people and creatives from around the globe.


It all started a long time ago living in West Africa, becoming a hippy, road tripping through North and South America, across India and Asia. I travelled through many exciting and exotic countries, absorbing and admiring their varied cultures, flora fauna and exciting handicrafts.
Ari Daniel Norman, Ari D Norman

The creative style of Ari Norman’s jewellery is attributed to his adventures and “the kaleidoscope of international travel visions with the addition of Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences”.

Decline of sales forces the business to adapt

During the first lockdown, many of Ari D Norman’s trade customers disappeared, resulting in a decline in orders and sales. Despite challenging circumstances and customer decline in their target market, the business saw a new opportunity arise as they realised there was still demand for their products in the private sector.

As a result, Ari D Norman were able to swiftly adapt their business and shifted their focus towards creating various marketing platforms and investing in new IT hardware to help design and develop an online presence to facilitate the sale of their products directly to the end user.

					Ari D Norman working on a new design.
The great advantage of online marketing is that you are able to offer your full collection instead of only those products selected by trade shops who simply display according to their taste. Additionally, each online sale produces a much higher level of profit as compared with selling to a trade shop.
Ari Daniel Norman, Ari D Norman

Support from the London Business Hub – selling on e-Commerce platforms, grant application and mentorship

With the support of the London Business Hub, Ari D Norman Ltd has adapted their business to grow a successful online presence through e-Commerce platforms they were initially unaware of. “By suggesting and encouraging us to create a presence on Etsy, we have recently celebrated our 80th sale after initiating a shop some eight months ago.”

					Sketch of necklace design from Ari D Norman.

Our expert Business Adviser, Patricia Ashford, has extensive experience with businesses and social enterprises at all stages of development and provided ongoing one-to-one support and guidance to Ari Norman. She advised and supported the business’s grant application for new computer hardware and signposted the company to useful online resources, including London Business Hub’s free Business Help Webinar Series and additional mentorship programmes such as Digital Boost.

Ari Norman welcomed the mentorship from the London Business Hub and credits their approachable and helpful team in securing the future success of their business.

We strongly recommend the London Business Hub as an initial institution to approach for energised and knowledgeable advice. We found the London Business Hub most approachable and practically helpful.
Adam Raphael Norman, Ari D Norman

Ari D Norman Ltd is now confident in their capabilities of further developing their online presence and advises other “business owners to strongly approach online sales in as many ways as possible”.

Since using the support and resources from the London Business Hub, Ari D Norman Ltd looks forward to the next step in their businesses journey and exploring new and exciting avenues for growth.

					Model wearing jewellery from Ari D Norman.
Our vision for the future of our business is to establish multiple and complimentary online market platforms whilst retaining a more limited trade presence which enables the awareness of our brand to grow.
Adam Raphael Norman, Ari D Norman

London Business Hub offers free one-to-one support and advice from a team of expert advisers – to book an appointment, please click here.

This London Business Hub project was supported by the Mayor of London and European Regional Development Fund.

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