Working Safely, COVID-19 Workplace Checklist

Working Safely, COVID-19 Workplace Checklist

As businesses prepare for the phased reopening, public health is a priority and it is important that businesses ensure their shops and workplaces are safe to reopen for customers and staff.

The health of individuals and the health of our businesses are intertwined. Many businesses have already put in place additional safety measures, demonstrating their commitment to a safe reopening as we move through the Government’s roadmap over Summer. However, detailed guidance and legal requirements can feel overwhelming at a time when many businesses are managing multiple challenges.

The Covid-19 Workplace Checklist from the Greater London Authority Health Inequalities team is a helpful resource for businesses of all sizes and sectors to manage the risk of virus transmission in their workplaces.

The guide is provided as part of the Mayor’s commitment to supporting healthy workplaces and good work as we recover from the pandemic. It is designed to be easy to read, and is based both on safety guidelines published by government and legal obligations for employers. The checklist contains guidance under seven categories:

  1. Risk management
  2. Communication and support
  3. Workforce management
  4. Social distancing
  5. Cleaning the workplace
  6. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and face coverings
  7. Inbound and outbound goods

The document is designed as a self-assessment questionnaire on what you need to do to fulfil government guidance. The checklist also contains recommendations for supporting employee wellbeing according to best practice. We know time can be tight, so these resources are designed to fit relevant safety information into busy work days!

Check out the Covid-19 Workplace checklist here.

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