Temi Koleowo

As an innovation adviser, Temi helps businesses develop new ideas, explore new markets and adopt better ways of communicating, collaborating and developing new concepts for their customers. Temi supports SMEs to develop the right ideation and innovation strategy so they can stay competitive and tuned to their customers’ needs.

Temi has been a business consultant for many years. In that time, she has specialised in helping businesses develop and launch their ideas underpinned by the right processes and strategy. In addition, Temi also helps them foster an innovation culture within their businesses so they constantly innovate to extend their reach and revenue.

Temi’s recent projects have been ideation and conceptualisation of technology-based projects. Areas of focus include product vision and development, user stories, acceptance criteria, product roadmap and backlog.

Temi challenges clients to always ask the questions – Why, How, Who, What, Where and When so they can develop good product-market fit.

Temi founded a business networking concept to support women in business. She coached and mentored them to start and sustain their businesses and managed five locations for many years.

Temi is also an author of a number of books, most notably the book ‘How to Package Your Passion.’ She is passionate about helping people who are looking for a way forward in life to do meaningful work with their passion. Temi volunteers her time to speak at conferences and workshops.

Temi Koleowo

Temi's expertise is in helping businesses discover, define and develop new ideas and improve current offerings using a variety of innovation tools and techniques.

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